Helping You Find your Family Heritage

Are you anxious to learn who your ancestors were – where they lived – where they died – and how they lived? Each of us is a part of a larger puzzle, the circle of life if you will. We are neither the beginning nor the end. Our ancestors came before us with their life stories and laid the foundation for our lives and who we are today. We will be part of the foundation of our descendants and will live on through them.

Chief Seattle said “You must teach your children that the ground beneath their feet is the dust of our grandfathers”

Researching your roots can prepare your grandchildren for the future and teach them who they are a combination of all those who came before them. It’s a lasting, living legacy.

The professional genealogists of From Roots to Legacy are passionate about genealogy and ancestry research and eager to assist you.

A few of the skills our Team provides include:

  • Exhaustive research techniques
  • Seasoned and professional genealogical analytical skills
  • In depth analysis
  • A custom developed “Build-a-Case” technique when proofs are lacking
  • When applicable we can apply DNA results to help you solve those brick walls you run into.
  • Help with Lineage Applications
  • Military Service Memorials
  • Slavery Reparation Lineage
  • Certified Legacy Pedigrees
  • Notarized Research Reports

We offer a variety of choices and ways to help. Check out our Full Research packages as well as our DIY Consulting packages and decide which course to take.

If you are looking for more specific and limited help such as Lineage applications, slavery repartition lineages, military records or memorials, we can assist with those also.

Check out our Services and then “Hire Us”

Our From Roots to Legacy team are ready to work with you by working together as a collective team.