Specialized Services

In addition to full research and DIY research consulting, From Roots to Legacy offers some specialized, unique products:

  1. Certified Legacy Pedigrees – Each pedigree will be certified to it’s correctness and is a product that can be safely handed down to future generations. We work from valid proof documents where available. If not available we go through an exhaustive research process to locate documents that will validate the ancestor or person we are attempting to prove. We provide an in depth genealogy research service analysis and when necessary create our unique “Build A Case” report to establish the facts. Our reports are notarized to their authenticity.
  2. Military Service Memorials – We will research and create a full report of the military service of your ancestor and prepare a lasting legacy memorial which will include the service of his unit as well as his individual service. The depth of the report will be limited to the availability of the military records.
  3. Slavery Reparation Lineage – Reparations for slavery is a proposal that some type of compensation should be provided to the descendants of enslaved people in the United States, The United Nations is now pushing a plan to force the United States to pay reparations. In order to receive reparations in whatever form is finalized, an individual will need to prove that he/she is descended from a slave. We are prepared to help with the necessary research and reports to have available.