Why Choose From Roots to Legacy?

Why Choose From Roots To Legacy?

ExperiencePassionThoroughnessCreativityHard hitting research

Those are just some of the qualities that make us good at what we do.

We have been through the fire. Brick Walls – we have hit plenty of them and fought through them and when that didn’t work – proved a way around them. We don’t quit or give up easily.

We work to the high­est US genealog­i­cal stan­dards and are con­stantly study­ing and expand­ing our knowl­edge through a wide range of edu­ca­tional oppor­tu­ni­ties. 

We go above and beyond in the work we do. Leaving a Legacy for you and your descendants is also leaving a Legacy for us. We think our work speaks for itself.  


The next question is Why Hire A Professional Genealogist?

A professional genealogy researcher is trained not only in where and how to find records but in how to research carefully and exhaustively, how to analyze the data found and how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to present a living history of your ancestors and the time he/she lived in.

An excellent resource to answering the question of why to hire a US professional genealogist can be found on the Association of Professional Genealogist website:



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