About Us

Hello smile. Meet Barbara (left) and Wanda (right), your professional genealogists. Wanda and Barbara are first cousins, and we have the DNA results and Notarized Legacy Pedigree to prove it!!!! Of course, that is just one of the defining proofs used in our soon to be released book “The Haynes/Hanes Family” to show future generations that we are absolutely blood kin.

Wanda and Barbara are not only close in relationship, we are close in age and close emotionally – more like sisters than 1st cousins. How does that apply to you and why is it important for you to know? We believe that the relationship we establish with you – the client will also be close – we are the model for that relationship. We will work together – in partnership – to accomplish your goals and provide the Family Legacy you will hand down to your descendants.

For every $100 of services that we provide, we will donate 5% to the Sisters Supporting Women Veterans a project of the Sister Anthony O’Connell Auxiliary #10, Dept. of Ohio, ASUVCW

Who We Are

We wanted to tell you a little about who we are as we begin our relationship to help find your roots.

We are different in personality traits and talents. Barbara calls Wanda “Wonder Wanda” because Wanda is very creative, and Barbara is very analytical. What makes us unique is that we are exuberant in compassion, caring, intuitiveness, and empathetic, with loads of energy. We are both passionate about genealogy and family researching. So how did we each become a genealogy researcher?

In 2001, our collective family wanted to begin a family tree. A unique motivation was to find our gr-grandfather’s biological parents. Family legacy carried the story forward that our gr-grandfather was adopted. Within a few months we finally traced his ancestors and found that he was not adopted. However, we did find that his father, our 2X gr-grandfather, lost his parents at a young age and was living in another home. So we found the family legacy story was partially correct… that our gr-grandfather was not adopted, yet his father (our 2Xgr-grandfather) lost his parents. Although he was living in another home, he did keep his surname, which means the story that someone was adopted was in error—he simply was orphaned at a young age.

The initial motivation was to find the adopted parents, yet as time went on, we realized we had a natural talent for researching. We started classes to become genealogists and at the same time joined numerous genealogy organizations. By 2015, we were involved, deeply, with helping and guiding others to create their own family legacies.

Along the way, we have uncovered hundreds of fascinating stories and legacies. Each person lives out their own story and each person’s story is closely intertwined with the family and friends surrounding him to create a collective story that should be told and not forgotten. From a Village wolf killer in the wilds of New York, to Mayflower Pilgrims, to a Civil War soldier who fought for the South then for the North, these uncovered stories have flamed the fires of our passion and made us eager to uncover your hidden story.

Trust & Ethics

Trust, ethics, and morals are highly sought after qualities when searching for a professional genealogist to assist you. The core of our separate core inner selves is that we thrive and strive to always remain honest, ethical, and to remain within the bounds of professional ethics. The latter is the core reason why we not only certify our research, we also notarize the researched legacy we finish. In addition, we provide a complete reference list for all artifacts researched, whether the artifacts were cyber-searched or searched in brick and mortar buildings for tangible evidence. Please visit our Services and Fees pages for more information.

Next Steps

Are you ready to become part of our collective team to assist you in your progressive family history and legacy? We would love to hear from you. We offer a up-to two hour free consultation so let’s get started today! View Our Services or Contact Us Today!