My sisters and I could not find our great-grandmother. We spent years trying to prove her ancestry. You found her in two days and you found her in Canada. We never thought of looking in Canada and you said that since she lived in the upper north region of our country and because she moved around a lot, it made sense to check Canada. She only stayed there one year, but it was enough for us to finally connect the dots and to prove her ancestry to our family. Thank you, Barbara.

LC in Chicago, IL.

I use Wanda and Barbara as a DIY individual and they give remarkable insight.

J.O. of Ohio

Barbara Franklin and Wanda Langdon are two good people as well as good writers. We worked together to document everything. I felt like I was part of the team while researching my ancestors.

DCB of Ohio

I did not know much about my family tree except my parents and grandparents names. I no time at all, Wanda had researched 8 generations of family. I was amazed. I had no idea all the interesting ancestors I had. Civil War Soldiers. Revolutionary War soldiers. I was thrilled. I will use Wanda again to see if we can take my family lines back further. Thank you for your fast, thorough work and great communication!!

DG of Michigan

Wanda is a dedicated, passionate, meticulous researcher. She provided, regular and accurate updates as the research progressed. Her final report was way and above what I had expected. I would highly recommend her work to those interested in hiring her.

VE of Kentucky

Many thanks for helping me find my genealogical roots through my DNA and research of my family tree.


Blessings are shared in so many different ways. Barbara and Wanda were this blessing for me. These two professional Genealogists helped to find the mother of William Shoemaker's wife, Phoebe Spencer, whom is connected to my Spencer lineage the two spent months and many hours looking for her birth records and finally found her she is mentioned in her dad's will!

J.P. of Kentucky

I am more than pleased with the work that Wanda has done on researching my Mother’s Genealogy. Not only did I know very little about my Mother’s lineage but was unable to give more than a few basic facts to help out with the search. She did a remarkable job hunting out this information and keeping me informed on what she found. She communicated with me every step of the way. Her work is flawless and detailed. I am most happy with her work and would recommend her at the drop of a hat.

RE of Ohio