Case Study

A case study was conducted on finding the spouse of a man born abt. 1775 in Virginia. The researcher spent 12 years searching for the spouse to prove existence and marriage. The only records that could be found were in the tax records of Virginia in 1810, 1820, and 1830 as the wife of the man. The purpose of the search was to provide legitimacy of the spouse, including where she was born and the names of her parents.

The researchers of From Roots to Legacy, LLC reached out to several researchers that were known to us and were also researching the same surname of the spouse’s maiden name. One researcher said the spouse was of another Spencer line, that of the infamous four Spencer bothers and one sister, that came to America from England, instead of the Moses Spencer line. The reason why the researchers were searching the Moses Spencer and Elizabeth Deaton lineage looking for the spouse’s ancestors came from the proven fact that her son was married to a lady of the same first given name and same surname.

With the assistance of the researcher we had reached out to that was researching the Spencer lineage and giving us the name of the spouse’s father, From Roots to Legacy, LLC found the spouse’s birth and place of birth in Connecticut. Next, in 1801, we found that the father moved to New York and died in 1806, leaving a Will. The Will stated the daughter as one of his children.

By utilizing the Board of Certification of Genealogists’ skill building for the Genealogical Proof Standard, we were able to build a case for proof of the spouse’s surname lineage and to find her birth date and place of birth. In addition, the tax records found in Virginia as the wife to the man that paid taxes on his land matched the name of her son’s birth record and his death certificate.

Not only was it exciting to find her birth records, in addition it was exciting to learn of her heritage of the Spencer lineage from England through the four Spencer brothers and sister that immigrated to America in the 1600s. Her father was a descendent of infamous Thomas Spencer of Hartford Connecticut. The current descendants of the Spencer ancestor now have an incredible family legacy.