Services & Fees

From Roots to Legacy offers many genealogy services to meet the needs of those searching find your family heritage. We offer two main types of services: DIY Consulting and Full Service Research. Below is a list and description of our services. For pricing visit our Fees page


DIY Consulting

For those who prefer a Do It Yourself approach to researching your family history, applying to lineage societies, finding records and more, we offer a DIY Consulting approach.

For our DIY Fee we offer a monthly fee to be available to consult and guide as needed for a maximum of 3 communications per week.

When you get to the point where you need our expertise to finish a project or run out of time to research on your own, we are available at our other fees and packages.

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Full service 

Learn - Define - Plan - Research - Analyze - Report - Prepare

A Full Service Research project has logical steps and an organized plan.

First we discuss any ancestry research information you already have. We learn what you know and find out where you want to go.

Then we Define the Research Problem. We discuss your research problem with you and make sure we clearly understand what you want us to accomplish.

Next we Develop a Research Plan that outlines what we will do to find the information you want. This will consist of a prioritized list of the records we will search. We will discuss the plan together and you will approve before we proceed.

We will Conduct an Exhaustive In Depth Research. We will begin our research online. We have access to many paid subscription websites that we utilize. Our research might require that we go to libraries, courthouses, archives, cemeteries, and other places to search for the information. As we search, we will photocopy pertinent records or acquire official copies. We will document all our findings both positive and negative.

Do an In Depth Analysis of our research findings. We regularly review our research as we progress and make conclusions about what we have found. Once we have exhausted the research possibilities we will thoroughly evaluate the information and reach our conclusions.

Report the Findings. Next we will write the research report with recommendations for your next steps. A Research Report normally consists of the following sections:

  • Research Problem Statement – a statement of the research problem statement agreed upon in the initial consultation
  • Summary of Research – a summary of the research approach and the key sources consulted.
  • Discussion of Findings – the detailed presentation of information collected during the research and the analysis of these findings.
  • Summary of Findings – a distillation of the detailed findings into a concluding statement.
  • Future Research Suggestions – recommendations for next steps in the research process based on the findings of the project just concluded.
  • Attachments – copies of key source documents, photographs, references, and a research log listing all sources consulted during the project.


Typically the Research Report will also include a section of ancillary findings that will be of interest to the Client. These might include, for example, findings about a related ancestor, family name history, or ancestral line that were uncovered during the research, but were outside the scope of the project and could not be pursued fully.

Prepare Forms. We can prepare forms such as Certified Pedigree charts, family group sheets, and applications to lineage societies. We notarize all our reports to assure the authenticity of the research and results.

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Specialized Services

We also provide a range of other genealogy services that include the following­ and may involve utilizing one of our affiliate partners

  • Creating a Military Service Memorial
  • Preparing and entering your ancestors into Find A Grave
  • Researching and preparing your applications to lineage societies which could include SAR, DAR, First Families from various counties or states, and many, many more
  • Researching Slave Reparation lineages
  • Researching Native American lineages
  • Transcribing old documents.
  • Translating foreign records.
  • Computerizing genealogical information.
  • DNA Analysis
  • Abstracting and publishing records.
  • Assisting with publication of a Family History Book
  • Finding missing people / heirs
  • Instructing and lecturing on genealogical topics.

Let’s Get Started! Pay using one of the Buy Now buttons on the Fees page, next to your desired service.

Also, fill out our Genealogy Research Service Agreement and the initial Information Sheet


For every $100 of genealogy services that we provide, we will donate 5% to the Sisters Supporting Women Veterans a project of the Sister Anthony O’Connell Auxiliary #10, Dept. of Ohio, ASUVCW