Our Process


Every Research project is unique but all have one thing in common – it takes a partnership. It is your ancestry research or journey to find relatives that is being researched. We will work together as a team to accomplish your research goals.

We begin with an initial consultation to review what information you have and what research you have already done. We will then discuss the research scope and challenge and make sure we both clearly understand the goal.

Once we have looked over your documentation and research notes, we will begin the actual research based upon one of our plans or rates listed on the Fees page.


Any genealogy research service conducted by From Roots to Legacy LLC will adhere to the Board for Certification of Genealogists® Genealogical Proof Standards (GPS). As a member of the Association for Professional Genealogists and the National (US) Genealogical Society, we are bound by a strong Code of Ethics.

The GPS consists of five steps used to establish proof of a conclusion:

  1. Conduct a reasonably exhaustive search
  2. Compile complete, accurate citations to the source or sources of each information item
  3. Tests—through processes of analysis and correlation—of all sources, information items, and evidence.
  4. Resolution of any conflicts in the evidence
  5. Write a soundly reasoned, coherent conclusion

We will conduct the research according to the plan, documenting all results both positive and negative. Each fact is sourced using Evidence Explained:Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace 2nd Edition.

Since research involves searching for old records and the information they may or may not contain, we cannot guarantee results. Courthouses burn down, records are discarded or rendered illegible by floods, insects, misuse and age and, sometimes, they just do not exist.


Depending on the scope of the project, there will be one or more status reports to update you on any progress being made in your research project.


Finally, we write the research report with recommendations for your next steps.  The final deliverables to you depend upon the package you have selected. Please see our Fees page to see what is included with each package.

A Research Report normally consists of the following sections:

  • Research Problem Statement – a statement of the research problem statement agreed upon in the initial consultation
  • Summary of Research – a summary of the research approach and the key sources consulted.
  • Discussion of Findings – the detailed presentation of information collected during the research and the analysis of these findings.
  • Summary of Findings – a distillation of the detailed findings into a concluding statement.
  • Future Research Suggestions – recommendations for next steps in the research process based on the findings of the project just concluded.
  • Attachments – copies of key source documents, photographs, references, and a research log listing all sources consulted during the project.

Typically the Research Report will also include a section of ancillary findings that will be of interest to the Client.  These might include, for example, findings about a related ancestor, family, or ancestral line that were uncovered during the research, but were outside the scope of the project and could not be pursued fully.

We look forward to working with you to solve your ancestor research problem.

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